• Please sign up at least 20 minutes prior to class.
  • We will email you a video conference link 15 minutes prior to the class start time.
  • If you are a member or have a class pack Zoom classes are included.
  • If you’re paying per class, we created an online Virtual Zoom Class Drop-In of $10 per session, 5 for $45, or 10 for $80. If you are new to Shakti we have a new student special with our Virtual $30 for 30!
  • Log on 5 minutes before class time.
  • Have your yoga essentials ready (mat, towel, water, etc.)
  • Have your camera on your computer on (optional) and set up so we can see you on your mat.
  • Mute yourself during class to avoid background noise, unless you are speaking to the teacher or want to give a shout out of encouragement.

  • Instagram Live Classes

    Head to instagram.com/shaktipoweryoga to stream in live at the time of classes or meditation.


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