What do I bring? Bring a mat, towel and water. Don't worry if you don't have these things, you can rent them from us.

What do I wear? We recommend tighter fit, comfortable clothing. Lycra or sweat-wicking clothing is best for getting sweaty.

How do I prepare? Drink plenty of water before and after class. You can bring your water bottle into class too.

When should I arrive? Arrive at least 15 minutes before class time. This gives you plenty of time to fill out new student paperwork, ask questions and we'll even show you around.

What can I expect? Expect to move, sweat and breathe. All of our classes are taught to all levels so expect to be challenged no matter where you are in your yoga journey. After a few classes many notice reduced stress and increased focus.

What if I have questions about the poses? Along with instruction throughout class, our teachers are available to answer your questions 30 minutes before and after class. Please utilize their knowledge to your benefit.

What if I can't do all the poses? We were all beginners once. We are not concerned about getting the pose right or perfect. Over time you will develop more knowledge of the poses and the practice.


Science shows there are many great benefits to sweating including relieving pain, boosting immune systems, releasing toxins and improving our mood. A warm room helps our muscles warm up faster so we can get right into the flow. We heat the room to 95 degrees so you get a good sweat and our not uncomfortable.

Drink plenty of water before and after class. Bring a water bottle in with you too.

Please arrive atleast 5 minutes before class time out of respect for your fellow students. We understand life and traffic so if you are late please use the side entrance and enter the class quietly.

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