At Glow Yoga, we do everything we can to make your first class experience positive. All you have to do is show up and breathe. We are not concerned with a perfect pose. You don’t have to be flexible, in "great shape", or have the right clothes. Everyone is welcome and we believe everyone who shows up will benefit.

Here are some ways we’re here for you:

  • Feel free to arrive up to 30 minutes before class for the teacher to answer any questions you have.
  • All of our classes are taught to all levels. Our teachers are skilled at supporting beginners while leading an encouraging and challenging class for everyone.
  • We focus on what you can do best … breathe. You’re a natural already!
  • If you haven't tried our studio yet, we recommend our 30 days for $30 special to encourage you to try out different classes and see what type of schedule you will be able to fit into your life.

  • FAQs

    You don’t have to get this “right.” Allow yourself to ease in and do only what you can at first. It is not only okay, but encouraged to skip certain parts of the sequence if needed.

    We are not concerned with a perfect pose. You don’t have to be flexible or in “great shape.” Everyone is welcome. Show up, breathe and do what you can.

    Expect to move, sweat, breathe and be challenged physically every time.

    Physical benefits include weight loss, toned muscles, increased flexibility, strength and balance.

    Mental benefits include reduced stress and anxiety, which we like to call increased happiness. Many report improved clarity and focus.

    The more often you practice, the sooner you will see and feel benefits in your body and your emotional state.

    While not all of our classes are heated, the studio temperature generally is set to 95 degrees, hot enough to get a good sweat but not overwhleming. The benefits of the heat are awesome: more sweat, deeper stretching, a bigger and easier range of muscle movement, and more rest and rejuvenation by the end of the practice. Heat also helps to prevent injury. Come sweat with us!

    Wear comfortable clothes that you can move and sweat in. You may find that you prefer to steer away from 100% cotton in favor of sweat wicking garments. Consider wearing a bandana or a headband to keep sweat from going in your eyes, and bring a change of clothes for after class if you’d like. A mat, towel, and water bottle are essential — these are also available for rent or purchase. We have props like blocks and straps available for your use during class as well, free of charge.

    We know your time is valuable so we ask that you arrive on time so everyone can end on time and you get a full practice. And we understand life happens so if you’re late please check in at the front desk and enter the studio room from the rear door.

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