Our 300 hour program is the only advanced teacher training in Coastal Alabama. 200 Hour certified teachers who complete all three week long 100 hour modules will qualify to be a 500 hour registered teacher through yoga alliance. You can expect to gain a deeper understanding of how yoga works in body, mind and spirit to lead your students confidently in a way that empowers, educates and inspires every class.

Through a process we call live feedback your teaching transforms instantly. Everyday you will practice teaching what you just learned through discussion in small groups and receive coaching and live feedback to understand and adjust in the moment. At Glow we focus on positive feedback so you feel supported and not intimidated.

See full description of program for each module below. Modules can be taken in any order within 3 years to receive certification.

Leadership & Legends Spring Weekends: March 15th - 17th, April 12th - 14th, May 3rd - 5th, 2024

Yoga began as breath practice and meditation with very little physical movement or postures as we know today. In this module you will master teaching breath, body, mental and subtle body awareness as tools to the present moment.

Meditation + Pranayama
  • Meditation and breathing techniques including the use of mantras, mudras and malas.
  • Breath awareness methods including synchronization of breath and other forms of pranayama.
  • Psychology/Science learn what is actually happening in the brain as a result of breath practice and meditation.
  • Learn how to incorporate meditation and breath into a flow class.

Subtle Body Awareness
  • Understand the relationship between breath and body/subtle body, including the chakras, vayus, koshas, mudras and malas.
  • An introduction to Ayurveda.
  • History, philosophy and mythology e.g. yoga sutras, deities.

Teaching Spirituality
  • You will learn how to teach a class that honors both the spiritual essence of yoga and satisfies the mind and body of the modern day world.
  • Use breath awareness as the connection to the present moment and the gateway between spirit and the body.
  • Teach off the mat connection in class and learn how to be a vessel for spirit to move through you as a teacher.
  • When both you and the students are in the exact same moment in time it creates an exhilarating connection for all. Learn how to create this in class.

Location: Gulf Shores

Tuition: Total cost is $1500, early bird tuition is $1350 due by Feb 15th, 2024

This program is 1 of 3 required for 300HR Teacher Certification with Glow Yoga™.

2 Steps to Register
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Step 2 - Wait for us to contact you with registration confirmation along with additional program information.

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Mastery of Conscious Movement and Hands on Assisting Weeklong Intensive: June 8th - 15th

Have you ever taken a yoga class and thought wow that flew by! That is what we call flow. We’ll teach you how to create your own sequencing on the fly by understanding what yoga poses create a specific result, how to order yoga poses together and methods of timing, tension/release to lead a class that flows. Special Guest Leader Johnna Smith!

Creative Sequencing
  • Learn how to design a class sequence and specific to a theme or focus. This includes breathwork, meditations and other components that will land your theme in your students hearts and bodies.
  • Learn how to design a class sequence and teach it to specific groups of students like beginners, athletes or corporate clients by developing your understanding of the relationship between yoga postures and lifestyle movement as well as learning how to select the most accessible language to relate to.
  • Learn a variety of sun salutations and alternatives to the traditional connecting vinyasa.
  • Free yourself from memorizing sequences that feel forced.
  • How to workshop within a class.
  • How to design and lead a workshop.

  • Learn how to really see your students to provide intuitive hands on assisting.
  • Gain confidence in familiar assists and learn next level assisting methods.
  • Leave your students feeling empowered with assists that educate them and show them what is possible in their bodies.

Location: Gulf Shores

Tuition: Total cost is $1500, early bird tuition is $1350 due by May 8th, 2024

This program is 1 of 3 required for 300HR Teacher Certification with Glow Yoga™.

2 Steps to Register
Step 1 - Register for your specific Teacher Training program with a 50% deposit or full payment.
Step 2 - Wait for us to contact you with registration confirmation along with additional program information.

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Anatomy + Alignment Fall Weekends: September 20th - 22nd, October 18th - 20th, November 8th - 10th, 2024

Move away from teaching standard scripted alignment cues. Instead master teaching alignment from what you see in front of you making your words relevant in the moment and your classes powerful and transformative. “It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence.” B.K.S. Iyengar

Physical Anatomy + Alignment
  • In depth study of the anatomy of the human body, how muscles, joints and bones function together and how each body is unique and therefore its functionality is as well.
  • Learn how to pair specific body parts with desired actions to create your own relevant alignment cues that inspire conscious movement in every moment.
  • Gain confidence in teaching why and how a yoga pose works.
  • Learn the functionality, benefits and anatomical connections of the key yoga poses.
  • Learn the multiple ways we can do each posture including modifications and advanced variations.

Mind, Body & Spirit Connection
  • In depth study of the psychology and physiology of the brain, nervous system and mind in yoga.
  • Learn how to teach what is happening in the mind through the body with clear language.
  • Help students to become familiar with awareness and connect what is happening on and off the mat.
  • Mind, body & spirit connection: Teach alignment as it is relates to all three.

Lead A Transformative Class
  • Everyday you will practice teach in small groups to gain insight into patterns in your teaching, keeping what works and transforming what doesn’t.
  • Use equations of tension and release to create a perfectly balanced and fulfilling class that is both challenging and restorative.
  • Understand the rationale for the order and relationship of the poses in the Glow Yoga sequence to help you create your own sequences knowledgeably.
  • Master your voice.
  • Use a combination of various teaching tools in every class to give your students a playful and powerful experience on their mats.

Location: Gulf Shores

Tuition: Total cost is $1500, early bird tuition is $1350 due by August 20th, 2024

This program is 1 of 3 required for 300HR Teacher Certification with Glow Yoga™.

2 Steps to Register
Step 1 - Register for your specific Teacher Training program with a 50% deposit or full payment.
Step 2 - Wait for us to contact you with registration confirmation along with additional program information.

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Your leaders:

Jennifer Guthrie, founder of Glow Yoga is the lead instructor for Glow Yoga School. She is E-RYT 500 Hour certified through Yoga Alliance with experience in a broad range of schools and studies. Jennifer has found many mentors throughout the years contributing to an always evolving methodology of teaching that promotes connection. Her approach to leading trainings at Glow is to include content in the full spectrum of modern science, history and spirituality for the individual to develop a depth of tools to access in their teaching. Her main teachers and inspiration comes from her students. Yoga continues to transform and enrich her life everyday.

Johnna Smith is an international yoga teacher and lead yoga teacher at Ashtanga Yoga School Charlotte. Johnna's dharma is to awaken people to joy, which is our divine birthright. Johnna's workshops, master classes and advanced yoga studies connects students to the source of joy deep within. Igniting the fire within the heart. Johnna is one of the few people in the world to receive Level 2 Authorization from Sharath Jois at the KPJAIY Ashtanga Institute in Mysore, India. She has also received Level 1 Para Yoga Certification from Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker for tantra studies. In 1995 Johnna came to yoga after searching for relief from years of panic attacks and addiction. Yoga loosened the hold that fear and anxiety had on her heart, giving her the tools to manage addiction and anxiety. This led her to study with Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker in 2001 and to Sri K Pattabhi Jois in 2004. In 2013 she was honored with Level One Para Yoga Certification and in 2016 Sharath Jois blessed her with Level 2 Authorization.

You can also expect special guest instructors and support from current Glow Yoga teachers.


  • Practice teaching: We spend time every day practicing teaching. We practice in groups and you receive positive live feedback from your leaders. Our method allows you to instantly incorporate feedback while you practice. We emphasize your natural strengths by identifying them with you so that you maintain your unique qualities and bring those to your students.
  • Synchronized breath: Vinyasa flow is to link breath with movement. We teach you which breaths (inhales and exhales) go with each posture so your classes will flow and your students will have that, “It’s over already?!” feeling.
  • Relaxed Schedule: We maximize our time together and offer frequent breaks so the learning flows just like our yoga classes. We know training can be physically and mentally demanding so we support you so you don’t feel pressured. We always end on time so you get a full night of rest, refreshed for the next day!
  • Learning that flows: Our trainings are guided by you! No training is the same because each person contributes something unique. Remember the days of lectures and memorizing content that you can barely recall today? We want you to remember and embody what you learn so we teach experiential learning. Discussion guides the flow of each day and what we will learn so each topic is relevant in the moment just like a conversation. In this way you are engaged, take in more information and retain it!
  • Consistency & Accessibility: Our teaching methodology is accessible yet challenging to all levels. You will be able to teach a class to anyone anywhere. You will learn how to teach classes that are fun, creative, and challenging. The sequence you learn maximizes physical and mental health and can be scaled to every body.
  • Language that everyone understands: You will learn to use language with an emphasis on breath over the way the body looks in the pose. The sequence you learn maximizes physical and mental health and can be scaled to every body.

We teach how and why yoga works through experiential learning and practice teaching. You are given a tool kit along with a methodology of teaching that allows you to intuitively access what is needed for the class in the moment. You learn the art and science of teaching, how to see and hear the class and how to be relevant with your words, range of expression and use of tools. Upon graduation you will be ready to teach fun, challenging and creative classes that leave your students transformed and wanting more.

Training is from 8 am to 7 pm every day. A typical day will include: 60 minute yoga practice, group discussion, practice teaching, plenty of breaks for snacks and meals as needed to keep energy and learning flowing, meditation, nature walks in parks and on the beach.

Our 300 hour program is for teachers who have completed a 200 hour program or have been teaching for several years. We do not require a 200 hour certification. If you are wondering if this training is for you please email jennifer@glow-yoga.com and we will help you decide if it is a good fit.

  • Practice teach
  • Meditate, go on nature walks & rest to process your learning
  • Explore concepts through group discussion and presentation
  • Learn tools to navigate life and discover limiting perceptions & blocks through journaling and self-study
  • Full support to thrive and develop your unique teaching style

Yes, Glow Yoga School is a registered yoga alliance school which means upon completion of the 300 Hour training program you are eligible to apply to become a 300 Hour RYT certified yoga alliance instructor.

Bring at least two changes of yoga clothes and optional comfortable clothing for discussion, journal, pen, watch to keep time and on schedule and we recommend phone or recording device to record your practice teaching sessions.

There are several grocery stores and restaurants in the area. We recommend packing your breakfast, lunch and snacks to maximize your rest time between sessions.


I recently had the privilege to be among the First group of Teacher Trainees to be certified through Glow Yoga School. Jennifer Guthrie - Teacher.. Owner..Mentor..Guide..and Inspiration of the 200 hours held our hands as she taught us what is really means to BE a yoga instructor. We of course learned the breakdown and positioning of each pose, the sequence, how to assist others and what to look for and how to listen to our class. But more importantly... We learned first how to be our true self from the inside. Jennifer gently guided each of us to open up and dig deep within to find love. Love for ourselves first so we can be loving to others. We learned what it means to be Authentic! The first step in becoming a yoga instructor.

I'm grateful for the 200 hours spent with my super awesome group; the trainees, Jennifer, Drew and all the teachers who attended and shared their expertise. I'm especially grateful that I took a Hugh scary step, to do that digging, to see that each of us hold inside .....Fireworks!!! That we each have something unique to share, something special to give. To just...BE.

Donna Holmes

Certified Yoga Instructor, Boom!

I took level 1 training 100 hours, at Glow yoga March 2015. I was pretty apprehensive about what to expect from the training I really had no intention of teaching I just wanted to learn more about yoga and maybe find a little direction for my life After doing mental health work for almost 20 years I needed some inspiration. The training consisted of classroom instruction, yoga practice, meditation, group sessions, journaling and practice teaching. It was definitely the hardest physical challenge of my life I learned so much from my peers in the training about willingness to be open and vulnerable, to look at those things that were stumbling blocks and to allow healing into our lives. It was an amazing experience. Through all the practice teaching we learned how to sequence and teach a yoga class. I also had the pleasure of taking level 1 training with my mom which was a good experience for both of us. Training can give you some direction and confidence in your ability to teach a yoga class I didn't plan on teaching but am teaching two classes at the Y. I highly recommend teacher training for those who want to teach and those looking for direction and inspiration. You'll get inspired and learn how to teach.

Julie Smith

Glow Yoga Teacher Training was the perfect fit for me. I felt confident teaching the baptiste sequence after the first weekend of training. I also loved all the guests teachers who came throughout the training. I was able to take away new teaching styles, philosophies on life, and I just left the training a better and more whole person.

Lindsay Overton Rainey

Glow Yoga's teacher training was a great experience for me. I now have the ability and confidence to teach yoga to a variety of groups. They incorporated different teaching styles into the program, which helped me find my own style. Teacher training has positively changed my life in so many ways. My relationship with friends, family, and everyone I come in contact with has changed for the better. And the new friends I've made during my training are the greatest blessing. This journey has opened doors for me already. And I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me.

Jacki East

My advice to anyone considering teacher training is the same as that given to me. If you are on the fence, DO IT!

Glow teacher training prepared me to teach even though I still don't plan to teach very much. The biggest reason for recommending it however, is that for me it changed the way I look at personal relationships and interaction with people. It taught me I could rely on acceptance, compassion, and trust when dealing with others instead of analysis and self interest. Just as important to me are the lasting friendships I made with other trainees. Going through the training together created strong bonds that will last. As set in my ways as I was, if it worked for me it will work for anybody!

Warren Adam

I had thought about taking yoga teacher training. When Jennifer decided to lead her first training, I decided to sign up for it. I was delighted my daughter, Julie Smith, was with me during the first hundred hours. At my age, I said my brain was mush at trying to remember the sequence. Fellow class members were supportive and a lot of sharing was done. We found that most of us are broken in some way. We kept practicing, meditating, and journaling through long days. Our local leaders and guest leaders pushed us on. I decided after the first hundred hours that since I had come that far I would continue. I was glad I did. It was a goal I needed to obtain at this time in my life. I learned so much. Sometimes we just have to say it just is and accept that it just is and not question why or why me. Now, I really do want to teach yoga. It is amazing that once you go through the training, you can teach when at first you could not and wondered if you ever could. We are fortunate to have such dedicated leaders here at Glow and that we could have the training here.

Jan McVey

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